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Application of high strength p
Date:[2023/7/14]    Clicks:[294]

Application of high strength polypropylene twisted yarn

High strength polypropylene twist yarn (high strength polypropylene double twist yarn) is used in cloth

Geotextiles woven with high-strength polypropylene yarn are suitable for highway, railway, airport, seawall, canal, reservoir, harbor and bridge engineering projects, with no need to break, build cofferdam, dam drainage and fast speed, high efficiency, input province, good quality and other advantages, especially in the case of large load, woven geotextiles than non-woven geotextiles have many unique features. Using its advantages of high strength, no water absorption, light weight, good stability, good filter stripping, etc., can be made of high-strength polypropylene fiber filter cloth, mainly used in metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, light industry, food, environmental protection and other industries.

High strength polypropylene wire features: high strength polypropylene wire has the characteristics of high strength and seawater corrosion resistance.

Polypropylene high-strength yarn use: polypropylene high-strength yarn is widely used in fishing net weaving, flexible container bag sewing, crafts weaving, bundling rope and other fields. High-strength polypropylene wire can also be used in woven bag sewing, volleyball, baseball, luggage line, container bag special line, sewing line, bundle money line, engineering line, toy line, light fishing net line and other industries.

The strength of polypropylene high-strength yarn is relatively large, and can be comparable to polyester nylon, and the tensile strength of the product is also very large, and the product also has many other characteristics, in the following content we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the product and you in detail, I hope to help you.

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