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Junchi brand polypropylene hig [2023/11/28]
  Junchi brand polypropylene high strength yarn characteristicsIn recent years, with the continuous pr
New technology to help the tex [2023/11/28]
  New technology to help the textile industry "smart" upgrade!Textile industry is China'
Application of polypropylene h [2023/11/14]
  Application of polypropylene high strength filamentPolypropylene high strength wire manufacturers in
Textile industry to accelerate [2023/11/14]
  Textile industry to accelerate the global layout!Over the years, the textile industry has actively i
Seek a new path for the develo [2023/11/10]
  Seek a new path for the development of textile industry!It is necessary to adhere to The Times, be a
Junchi brand polypropylene hig [2023/11/10]
  Junchi brand polypropylene high strength yarn introductionJunchi brand polypropylene high-strength w
What factors affect the tensio [2023/10/27]
  What factors affect the tension of polypropylene high strength yarn?What factors affect the tension
Textile industry digitalizatio [2023/10/27]
  Textile industry digitalization to help high-quality development!In terms of intelligent transformat
Junchi polypropylene high stre [2023/10/16]
  Junchi polypropylene high strength yarn introductionPolypropylene high strength filament various col
Textile industry concept [2023/10/16]
  Textile industry conceptTextile industry refers to the use of yarn, silk, cotton, hemp and other tex
Introduction of polypropylene [2023/10/9]
  Introduction of polypropylene high strength filamentIf you have a certain understanding of our produ
Textile industry chain product [2023/10/9]
  Textile industry chain production reform "acceleration"!The textile industry implements th
Polypropylene high strength fi [2023/9/21]
  Polypropylene high strength filament in all aspects of the applicationPolypropylene high strength ya
Where is the new way out for t [2023/9/21]
  Where is the new way out for the textile and garment industry?Peak season demand is not strong, coup
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