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The quality of polypropylene h [2023/5/15]
  The quality of polypropylene high strength silkA variety of products have appeared in our lives, Ten
The first quarter of the texti [2023/5/15]
  The first quarter of the textile industry operation!From January to March, the industrial added valu
Polypropylene high strength si [2023/5/6]
  Polypropylene high strength silk factory direct salesTengzhou Junchi Textile Co., Ltd. main producti
Promote the upgrading of texti [2023/5/6]
  Promote the upgrading of textile industry with market demand!Give full play to the role of textile p
Application of polypropylene f [2023/4/20]
  Application of polypropylene filamentPolypropylene fiber is mainly used in our chemical fiber materi
Textile industry to improve th [2023/4/20]
  Textile industry to improve the development of toughness!Looking ahead to 2023, the development envi
The characteristics of polypro [2023/4/10]
  The characteristics of polypropylene fiber high strength silkHigh strength polypropylene twist yarn
Recent polyester prices all th [2023/4/10]
  Recent polyester prices all the way high, "flour" than "bread" are expensive?Rec
The application range of high [2023/4/3]
  The application range of high strength polypropylene filamentPolypropylene high strength yarn is a p
During the 13th Five-Year Pla [2023/4/3]
  Analyze the running characteristics of industrial textile industry!Since the 13th Five-Year Plan (20
Analyze the running characteri [2023/4/3]
  Analyze the running characteristics of industrial textile industry!Since the 13th Five-Year Plan (20
Introduction to the strength o [2022/12/1]
  Introduction to the strength of polypropylene high strength wireThe above content is our introductio
Analysis of domestic textile e [2022/12/1]
  Analysis of domestic textile exports in the first three quartersIn the first three quarters of this
Color polypropylene wire, welc [2022/11/21]
  Color polypropylene wire, welcome to buy!White polypropylene line, or color polypropylene line, Junc
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