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Textile industry to improve th
Date:[2023/4/20]    Clicks:[61]

Textile industry to improve the development of toughness!

Looking ahead to 2023, the development environment facing the textile industry will become more complex and severe.

Externally, in the context of the complicated evolution of the international political situation, the increasing constraints of economic recovery such as high inflation, the relatively high uncertainty in the prospects of the international market, the intensified market competition and the rising risks in the foreign trade environment, all of which will form a new round of tests on the anti-risk ability of textile enterprises.

From the domestic point of view, the textile industry still has the basic conditions to achieve stable development. Chinese macroeconomic fundamentals have been improving for a long time, creating a good environment for the stable operation of the textile industry chain. Domestic demand market still has room for upgrading development based on having a larger capacity scale.

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