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Reconstruction of green manufacturing territory of China Textile Ecological Civilization Miles
Date:[2017/11/30]    Clicks:[2827]

Miles is a long journey in the ecological civilization construction of the textile industry. Hardships are the only way that can not be avoided. It needs the encouragement and concern of the industry people, and even needs the inheritance and relay of the industrial enterprises.

Nowadays, all parts of the country are actively and deeply promoting the construction of ecological civilization. Nowadays, our ecological environment is constantly improving. The green economy is flourishing. The ecological well-being is gradually released. The path of green development is widening. However, we should also see that there still exist imbalances and inadequacies in the green development in some areas and we urgently need to make great efforts to solve them.

November 27, by the China Textile Industry Federation, China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association, China Textile Industry Federation Environmental Protection and Resources Promotion Committee, the World Wide Fund for Nature, Jiangsu Province, Yixing City, co-sponsored by the government, Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Textile Co., Ltd. to support the ecological civilization of China Textile line - into the activities of Taihu Lake in Yixing organized the Forum to the whole industry, the whole society released the "development of green low-carbon industries, the construction of regional ecological textile" as the theme of "Taihu Lake declaration".


Vice Chairman of China Textile Industry Federation and Standing Deputy Director of Central Committee for Assets Supervision and Administration Sun Huaibin, Advisor for China Environment Protection Commission of China Textile Industry Association Yang Donghui, Deputy Secretary-General of China Ecological Civilization Research and Development Zhou Guiling, Representative of Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province Zhu Donglin, Ministry of Water Resources Taihu Lake Basin Shen Aichun, deputy director of Hydrographic Monitoring Center, Wang Ying, director of China Sustainable Development of HSBC, Alexander Andersson, team leader of supply chain sustainability in H & M China, Ren Wenwei, director of WWF China Freshwater Project, attended the meeting This forum. Forum by the China Textile Industry Federation, vice president of Cheng Yong chaired the Ministry of Industry


Sun Huabin, recalling and looking forward to the Chinese Textile Ecological Civilization, said in fact that from the beginning of 2015, the textile industry started the construction of ecological civilization and explored the textile industry's efforts to build an ecological civilization. +5 "mode.

He said: From the strategic height of the "five in one" overall arrangement of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the report of the "19th National Congress" proposed a series of new ideas, new ideas and new conclusions on the construction of ecological civilization. In the course of economic development, profound changes have taken place in the orientation of the industry, playing an important role in beautifying people's lives and building ecological civilization. Therefore, it is only natural that we should make a difference in the construction of ecological civilization and assume corresponding responsibilities.

He pointed out that while carrying out eco-friendly activities, the industry has discovered many outstanding problems while digging out outstanding textile eco-builders. In the process of helping enterprises to solve the problems, the level of eco-civilization construction has been raised. Demonstration is conducive to promote the textile industry as a whole level of ecological civilization.

Said that this time into Taihu Lake, we will once again be based on the vision of enterprises expanded to the region again. For the future construction of ecological civilization industry, he believes that we must first further improve the "1 +5" model, so that patterns into more businesses, so as to promote more enterprises to the path of ecological civilization; secondly, to further promote the green development of regional industry .


During his introduction of the construction of regional ecological civilization, Zhou Guiling said that the construction of ecological civilization in key industries is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization in our country and is an effective carrier and an important means to promote the regional ecological civilization.

Deepen carrying out demonstration construction of ecological civilization in key industries through pilot demonstration, typical lead, exploring low cost, good efficiency, low emissions and sustainable development model, is to adhere to the basic principles of resource conservation and environment-friendly, fundamentally solve the bottleneck of resources and environment, enhance Effective measures for sustainable development of key industries.

The construction of ecological civilization in the textile industry is good. We should actively provide pollution prevention and control, adhere to innovation-driven measures, take the lead in pilot projects and develop green textiles, and provide good conditions and environment for deepening the building of ecological civilization. We should eliminate the restriction of ecological civilization construction Ideological barriers and institutional barriers have become the support points for the sustained and healthy economic and social development and have become the driving force behind the development of a sound image and continuously strengthened the endogenous driving force for leading green development.


Zhu Donglin said in his speech that it is of great significance for the China Textile Industry Federation to initiate and open up the industrial chain of the textile industry in Taihu Lake and promote the development of greening in the region. He said that the Taihu Lake Basin is a traditional textile empire and hopes to promote the green development of the textile industry in Jiangsu and Taihu Lake basins through the rejuvenation of the textile industry in Jiangsu and Taihu Lake regions through the " , But also expect more industries to stand up and make contributions to the green development of the region.


In his speech entitled "Strengthening the strictest water resources management and promoting the green development of the Taihu Lake Basin", Shen Ai-chun said that in 2011, the Central Document No. 1 delimit "three red lines" of water resources management, that is, establishing a red line for the control of water resources development and utilization, The second is to establish water efficiency control of the red line, the third is to establish the water function area to limit the pollution of the red line. At present, the integrated management of water environment, water conservancy backbone project construction and preparatory work into a crucial period, the effectiveness of Taihu Lake governance into the bottleneck; non-point source pollution control and Taihu Lake into the critical period of internal governance. He believes that the development orientation of watershed determines the direction of harnessing and management of watersheds. Therefore, we should start from the aspect of water security of new arrivals, seize opportunities and contribute to the comprehensive management of water environment in Taihu Lake Basin. At the same time, he also briefed participants on the "Taihu Lake Basin Management Regulations" and other policies and regulations to help enterprises carry out ecological civilization construction.

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