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The textile industry leads the industry to fulfill its social responsibility: sustainable fashion is close to us
Date:[2017/10/26]    Clicks:[3094]

Most consumers may be confined to the clothes on the clothes only on the clothes. However, in the recent Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center held by the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC Autumn Exhibition), in the exhibition center of the circular booth, a black monster attracted the attention of countless people. This is by the Beijing Automotive Group and the world's top off-road vehicles converted enterprises to build the BJ80 defenders off-road vehicles is actually made of textiles - new fiber materials made of carbon fiber.

Not just the car, the textile is "heaven into the ground" industry. The CHIC Autumn Exhibition, the China Textile Industry Federation Social Responsibility Office and the China Garment Association, the first launch of the "sustainable development area (Sustainability Zone)", opened the "2017 China Sustainable Fashion Week" prelude to the basic necessities of life Expression, to the visitors to subversive awareness.

Textile industry "heaven"

Has the responsibility to guide the public to sustainable and responsible production and consumption

Not only the car, the exhibition area of ​​other products are also inextricably linked with the textile, covering all areas of basic necessities. Such as discarded Coca-Cola bottles and coffee grounds as raw materials made of clothing, with pure natural fruit juice bleaching, dyes can be directly drinking fruit dyeing technology.

"The textile is the 'heaven to the ground' industry, from fashion to high-speed rail cars, to Shenzhou spacecraft shell, rocket panels, and then to man-made organs, high-tech textile widely used, with the country, industry, field and everyone's development level And the quality of life is closely related to the proportion of China's industrial textile fiber processing from 12.78% in 2000, up to 25.3% in 2015, production accounted for more than 1/3 of the world's exports accounted for more than 1/4. "China Textile Industry President Sun Ruizhe said.

"Today, fashion has developed into a large and complex industry, not limited to a particular area, and reflected in all aspects of people's lives in leading the social trend at the same time, how the Earth and the surrounding environment have a better impact, not only Producers, and consumers, all need to work together to promote sustainable fashion. "China Textile Industry Federation, deputy director of the Office of Social Responsibility Hu Kehua interview with reporters expressed the original intention of the event. "Talk about sustainable development, social responsibility, as a general person will have a sense of distance.But the basic necessities of life every day to feel, so through such activities and ways to make the public more intuitive understanding, so that more people understand what is sustainable, Responsible production and consumption, "he said.

In the fashion week activities, the China Textile Industry Federation Social Responsibility Office also joined hands with Jingdong public, FMCT brand C & A jointly launched the old clothes recycling activities, has been the scene and even the whole society a positive response. In the reporter's WeChat friends circle, friends from different industries have shared this public action.

Responsible companies are more able to win respect

Enterprises are the innovative forces to solve social problems such as environmental pollution

"At the beginning of reform and opening up, China began to undertake the transfer of the world textile industry, the times also questioned: how will China develop the textile industry economy. Time fully proved that sustainable development is China's textile industry's determination and program." Sun Rui Zhe said, Decades of development, technology, fashion and green has become China's textile industry's new logo.

Oriental International (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman Tong Jisheng so understanding social responsibility, macroscopically, the business operation of enterprises to fit the harmony between man and nature, is the common development of man and society; in the concept, the business business should be conducive to National and local, is conducive to sustainable development; micro, corporate behavior should be conducive to the enterprise itself and the comprehensive development of people.

"There is a pessimistic trend that the business as a profit organization is the source of environmental pollution, the gap between rich and poor, this pessimism has led people to question the practice of corporate social responsibility.On the contrary, enterprises are the innovative forces to solve these problems and challenges. "Sun Ruizhe, for example, many people think that dyeing and printing industry is polluting, but the" second five "during the green development of printing and dyeing enterprises has made great progress, from 2011 to 2016, 100 meters of printing and dyeing cloth fresh water from 2.5 tons down to 1.8 tons , The water reuse rate increased from 15% to more than 30%, the economic efficiency steadily, the total profit from 15.228 billion yuan in 2011 to 20.99 billion yuan in 2016, an average annual increase of 5.5%, to ensure the stability of the industrial chain.

"This shows that enterprises through sustainable innovation and transformation and upgrading to become social contributors." Sun Ruizhe said that the history of enterprises have to blindly ask the environment, and now the relationship between the two qualitative changes in the environment, enterprises to protect the environment, the environment back to the enterprise. Enterprises are through technology and services to promote environmental improvement, to win social respect.

Textile leads the industry for sustainable development

Help other consumer industries to fulfill the responsibility of producer extension

According to reports, in 2005, China Textile Industry Federation set up a social responsibility office, which is China's first to promote the sustainable development of the industry for the mission of the permanent sector, and the establishment of China's first social responsibility management system CSC9000T. Up to now, to CSC9000T as a guide, serving the industry 13 industrial clusters of about 1,500 enterprises, involving 1 million industrial workers.

In order to transmit the value of sustainable development to the upstream and downstream of the global supply chain, the China Textile Federation and China Sponsored by the BSCI, SA8000 and WRAP in 2012 launched a multi-system dialogue and coordination platform "China's Advisory Committee on Social Responsibility" (MAC) There are currently eight standard systems in this mechanism under the dialogue, is committed to solving the "value barriers" led to the problem of low trade efficiency. At the same time they also with the ZDHC Foundation and 23 international brands in the chemicals management to maintain a strategic partnership, the development of chemical online management platform CiE system, has now included more than 1,000 pieces of chemical information, service more than 200 enterprises.

In the sustainable fashion week activities, China Textile Union another achievement "carbon management innovation 2020 action - carbon emissions measurement" release, the next three years will be issued water management innovation action plan, recycling management innovation action plan, the formation of industry environmental ecology Data system for the global supply chain upstream and downstream to provide a synergistic, coordinated action of the textile and apparel industry environmental responsibility large data platform.

China Textile Industry Federation, director of the Office of Social Responsibility, China Textile Information Center, said Yan Yan, deputy director of this action to complete the textile industry, "thirteen five" green development goals, promote the textile industry energy-saving emission reduction, the development of low-carbon, green , Circular economy, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, by 2020, the textile industry units to increase the value of industrial energy consumption to achieve a cumulative decline of 18%.

Together with the scene witnessed the recent resignation of Wang Ke, chairman of Vanke, now his identity a lot, but the basic and environmental protection related to: Vanke Foundation, CTEAM (Chinese entrepreneurs to respond to the Global Climate Change Alliance) sponsors, Chairman of WWF World Wide Fund for Nature (China).

He used red, green and blue three colors to describe the entrepreneur's social responsibility to play. Red represents the traditional Chinese culture and revolutionary spirit; green represents the ecological ecology, blue represents internationalism.

"Vanke's green development is an example. In today's view, green building is a matter of course, but at the time of the promotion is difficult, high cost, the government does not support, employees do not understand, but now the green building has become Vanke's Core competitiveness. "Wang said that these three colors is to require enterprises to persevere in the spirit of pride to fight for environmental pioneers, and lead more people to participate in the formation of the Union to be bound to the earth on the common fate of all human beings Together.

"China's textile enterprises not only produce textile clothing, there are many involved in new materials, such as laptops, helicopters, automotive industry, etc., to subvert the image as a traditional manufacturing, it should be said that innovation and green, is representative of the future business, "China's corporate social responsibility and green competitiveness." Wang said that textile technology is to help other consumer industries to achieve their responsibility to extend the responsibility of producers, the United Nations to achieve sustainable development of responsible production and consumption goals.

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