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Textile and apparel industry weekly: the new model to drive the downstream brand high growth
Date:[2017/10/19]    Clicks:[3032]

Industry News

Textile and apparel sector three quarterly outlook, we believe that the export-oriented enterprises in the third quarter results affected by the appreciation of the renminbi has slowed down, downstream brand adjustment and recovery continued, the overall performance of high-end brand growth rate is better than the mass brand, Business, vertical electricity business new model to drive such companies high growth. Recommended layout of the high growth, underestimate the value of the brand company Anzheng fashion, peace birds, song thinking, industry concentration and policy dividends to promote high growth Huafu color spinning, early due to two shareholders reduction notice was wrong, the third quarter benefit In the environmental tightening growth rate is expected to enhance the printing and dyeing leading shares, as well as cross-border electric business leading cross-border.

Cotton prices fell slightly this week at home and abroad. This week 328 China cotton price index 15,970 yuan / ton (-0.11%), cotlookA index of 77.70 cents / lb (-0.77%). In addition, this week the reserve cotton round out of the price increase of 114 yuan / ton, to 14914 yuan / ton, the turnover rate is higher, but the price trend this week, the transaction price rebounded last week, after a slight decline, The average price of 14,502 yuan (-0.83%), fold 3128 cotton average price of 16,155 yuan / ton, up 230 yuan / ton. In addition, this week, cotton yarn prices stable, chemical fiber raw materials prices remained stable and down.

According to the data track, the retail sales of online goods and services continued to increase. From January to August in 2017, retail sales of online goods and services amounted to 4.25 trillion yuan, up 40.73% year on year. Cross-border electricity business traffic monitoring, as of October 13, platform class electricity business Amazon nearly a month average UV 506 million / month, which accounted for 51.60% PC side, mobile 48.40%; eBay average UV 344 million / Month, which PC side accounted for 39.87%, mobile side 60.13%; speed sell through the average UV 266 million / month, which PC side accounted for 58.12%, mobile 41.88%; vertical cross-border electricity in Gearbest nearly one The average monthly UV is 0.58 million / month, of which the PC side accounted for 49.85%, mobile terminal 50.15%; the main rival Banggood average UV of 30 million / month, which accounted for 57.67% PC side, mobile side 42.33%.

Coach Group changed its name to Tapestry, the US version of LVMH ready to come out. According to Bloomberg News, the US light brand Coach Group will be renamed Tapestry, the name change will take effect on October 31, renamed after the group in the New York Stock Exchange code from "COH" to "TPR" new name "Tapestry "The term is very inclusive, on behalf of the Group's future development will no longer be limited to the field of clothing.

Jingdong development of luxury service platform TOPLIFE this week on the line, can change the online luxury fashion retail pattern wait and see. China's luxury online market is becoming the day cat and Jingdong two giants dispute. According to fashion headlines, Jingdong announced this week to launch a wholly-owned luxury service platform TOPLIFE, the platform will be the official flagship store brand link the luxury brand. TOPLIFE APP application has officially debut the major application store, open the first edition of the user to open the public download. TOPLIFE will be tailored according to each brand positioning online official flagship store, through the brand to build an independent display space, will help the brand to show a deeper and personalized image. At present, LaPerla, EmporioArmani, Rimowa, B & OPlay, Ports1961, Trussardi and other co-brand in September in TOPLIFE early on-line.

Chlo¨¦ and Cartier parent company Richemont sued eBay and Alibaba for the sale of retailers, with a maximum claim amount of $ 100 million. According to the latest news of the United States Women's Daily, Richemont is the latest one to prosecute the retail sales of luxury goods group. According to Richemont filed a lawsuit filed with the court, eBay and Alibaba have a number of retailers selling Chlo¨¦, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels fake goods, causing serious damage to the Group's brand image and commercial interests, requiring the court to order Sale of retailers immediately closed down and compensated. According to statistics, according to each counterfeit goods 2 million US dollars, the final amount of compensation or up to 100 million US dollars.

Shandong wishful acquisition of the object, Sandro and Maje parent company SMCP will be officially listed on October 24. IPO soon known as the French fashion group SMCP recently announced that the group is scheduled for October 24 official sale of the stock, the issue price of 20-25 euros per share, is expected to raise 121 million euros. SMCP has three fashion brands Sandro, Maje and ClaudiePierlot, the positioning of light luxury fashion, fast-growing middle class, especially in China and other markets, the active demand to promote the Group's rapid growth in sales in the Asia-Pacific region. In October 2016, Shandong Ruyi Group completed the acquisition of SMCP, SMCP original shareholder KKR to Shandong Ruyi Group sold its holdings of SMCP 70% stake in the majority of the transaction amount of about 1.3 billion euros. Upon completion of the transaction, SMCP's founder and management and KKR retained a minority stake in the company.

Summary of research this week

1. Shanghai Jahwa: offer to highlight the confidence, a comprehensive adjustment effect early

2. Hailan home: join the British into the baby market, accelerate the layout of fashion ecology

The subject of recommendation

Supply chain management sector: In recent years, the international fast fashion brand has sprung up, driven by the development of third-party supply chain management services provider, and supply chain management business is difficult, high threshold. Jiangsu Guotai in the Group as a whole after the listing of the overall supply chain management business strength, its main customers for the internationally renowned fast fashion brands Zara, H & M, Primark, GAP, GIII, etc., the company by virtue of its global resource integration capabilities, rapid response, efficient implementation And other capabilities, the rapid development of business, has become the leading domestic. After the overall market, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific will be in cost control, operational efficiency and other aspects of synergies, the future is expected to accelerate the globalization of the layout, long-term bullish.

Textile sector: by the way of a strategic policy dividend support, coupled with the company's own color spinning environmental advantages, to the global textile and garment industry, the transformation of fashion operators and the strategy of its flexible industrial chain synergies, color spinning leading enterprises Huafu color future prospects Worth looking forward to. In addition, continue to recommend cotton spinning new wild textile, in 2016 the company mainly benefited from low-cost cotton stocks and "one side of the road" policy, in the cotton price increase in end product prices and government subsidies continue to improve the background, revenue and profit situation are super expected. In addition the company a large proportion of large shareholder holdings, development confidence highlights. The recent tightening of environmental protection policies, printing and dyeing industry to accelerate the integration of supply and demand pattern has been significantly improved, and short-term rise in the dye and then push up the dye, printing and dyeing leading shares of the future development of shares worth watching. In addition, optimistic about the main business performance and stability, exports benefit from the devaluation of the renminbi, domestic sales benefit from the high-Yang towel printing and dyeing production capacity to shut down the supply of shrinkage, and NetEase strict selection, millet most vertical and other vertical business platform channel rise demand Growth, and still exist in the transition of the expected small market value of Vosges shares.

Clothing plate: consumer upgrades and consumer groups younger, light small minority brand high-speed growth, optimistic about the market in this multi-brand, differentiated layout of the song thinking. Optimistic about the model is excellent, advanced management, to promote the flexible supply chain to build and product upgrades, the gradual release of inventory pressure Hailan home. Optimistic about the layout through the whole channel, reduce inventory, enhance the ability to quickly feedback and supply chain flexibility level of the Pacific bird. Optimistic about the channel adjustment in place, the new brand strong growth, operation and management to enhance the security of fashion.

Cross-border electricity sector: the industry to maintain high growth, concentration to bring a huge room for development. Optimistic about the domestic cross - border electric business leading cross - border.

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