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National Day gold futures purchase adult clothing, bedding purchase should pay attention
Date:[2017/9/28]    Clicks:[2722]

With the Mid-Autumn Festival, the arrival of the National Day, the city's major business has ushered in a year of consumption season. Yesterday, the city industrial and commercial bureau issued adult clothing and bedding sampling results - adult clothing 60 batches, 37 batches of unqualified; bedding 60 batches, 20 batches failed. The business sector reminds the public of the need to pay more attention to the purchase of adult clothing and bedding.

Adult clothing problems: acid perspiration color fastness failed

City Department of Industry and Commerce mainly on the Jingkou, Yangzhong, Dantu, Jurong, Zhenjiang New Area, Danyang and other regions of the mall supermarkets, clothing stores for adult clothing quality inspection, clothing varieties involved Siamese pants, jackets, jackets, dresses, half Skirt, T-shirt, suit, shirt, vest, suit unlined, casual jacket, suit suit and so on. Test results show that the sampling of 60 batches of adult clothing, unqualified 37 batches. Unqualified items are mainly: instructions, fiber content, acid perspiration color fastness, alkali-resistant perspiration color fastness, tear strength, water fastness. Which use instructions and fiber content of the batches more qualified.

City Trade and Industry Bureau official said, clothing products must be marked fiber composition and content, incorrect labeling of the fiber composition and content of the product, will make consumers can not understand the real raw material composition, but also affect the clothing after the use of washing and maintenance The Fiber content does not match the words will directly damage the consumer's right to know, the right to choose, there is deceptive.

City Trade and Industry Bureau to remind the vast number of consumers, the purchase of clothing, we should pay attention to check the goods logo, and in the clothing during the safe custody of the tag. When you pick clothes, you can smell their own smell, clothing, irritating smell is not recommended to buy. At the time of purchase available napkins in the fabric on the fabric friction to see if the fade is obvious, faded products are not recommended to buy. Pay attention to check the sewing in the clothing on the wash Mark, such as model specifications, clothing ingredients, washing methods. See the contents of the shopping invoice and the physical is consistent, try not to buy without the use of clothing. At the same time, consumers buy clothing to save the invoice and other shopping tickets, when the legitimate rights and interests have been infringed, you can call 12315 consumer complaints to call the consumer rights.

Bedding issues: PH value and color fastness failed

City Trade and Industry Bureau of the urban and municipal supermarkets, bedding stores, household goods stores and other sales of bedding for a sample test. The total sampling of 60 batches of bedding, unqualified 20 batches. This batch of 20 batches involved a total of seven items, namely: water washing size change rate, breaking strength, fiber content, product instructions, dry fast color fastness, PH value and acid perspiration color fastness. Among them, the PH value and color fastness of the product is not harmful to the human body.

Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau, the relevant person in charge, color fastness refers to the textile color and feel the impact of external strength, poor color fastness of the textile, after the role of light, easy to fade after the discoloration, resulting in the use of the process of easy to fall off the dye To the skin, the skin is absorbed after the human body harm.

In addition, the sampling also found that there is a batch of bedding PH value failed. PH value of the reason for failure is that some companies to reduce the cost of production using some of the poor quality, low cost of the dye reagents, adhesives, softeners, after dyeing and finishing a series of processes, the residual acid and alkaline substances Good, resulting in finished product PH value exceeds the standard requirements. If the PH value is excessive, in use will make some skin sensitive groups cause skin irritation, itching and other allergic phenomena.

Business sector to remind consumers, in the purchase of bedding, you should carefully check the logo content is complete. Second, we should pay attention to view the appearance, in the selection of color, it is appropriate to choose light colors, such formaldehyde content, color fastness and other excessive risk is relatively small. Once again smell the smell, if the product exudes a stimulating smell is not to buy. Finally, consumers should pay attention to retention of consumer vouchers in order to appear after the quality problems can effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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