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The future development of the garment industry will show six new trends
Date:[2017/9/14]    Clicks:[2837]

Reform and opening up more than 30 years, along with the sustainable development of China's national economy and the continuous expansion of the level of consumption of national clothing, the rapid development of China's garment industry, has become the world's largest garment producer, consumer and exporting countries. At the same time, after a round of shuffling, the garment industry began to return to nature, return to the beginning of the product around the service to the development of the track, and gradually by the "world factory", "Made in China" to "Chinese design" change.

Clothing industry prospects can still be expected

2010-2016, China's retail apparel industry above the limit above the overall revenue to maintain the rising trend. In 2014, the apparel retail industry achieved operating income of 24.492 billion yuan, an increase of 5.16%, the growth rate compared with 2013 there has been a significant decline. By 2016, China's garment retail industry operating income of 2546.44 billion yuan, down 0.89%.

Fortunately, in a variety of favorable policy environment, China's garment industry will usher in a good time for transformation and development, for the domestic outstanding brand clothing enterprises to lay a solid foundation for further development.

Today, the development of China's garment industry into the brand management period, the brand for the consumer's attraction and influence gradually expanded, the brand has become one of the most important factors consumers consider the purchase of clothing, companies recognize that only concerned about the product itself and product image also Far enough to impress consumers, and brand culture, brand ideas and emotional communication and other human behavior gradually penetrate into the enterprise, cultural strategy to become the first choice for garment enterprises.

It is expected that the next five years I apparel industry sales growth rate of 5-10% between 2022, China's garment retail industry revenue will exceed 390 billion yuan.

The future trend of the apparel industry

First, product research and development attention. At present, many garment enterprises to leave the market, most of which companies do not attach importance to goods, which is reflected in a product style is not clear, and second, the quality of the product is not enough attention No matter what the choice of business channels, what marketing approach, clothing style and quality is fundamental, when the product lost market competitiveness, the end result is difficult to survive.

Second, to avoid unnecessary terminal Traditional terminal is no longer the first choice for garment enterprises, and now some clothing companies began to find new terminals, and even more brand joint, own terminal, multi-channel development, to obtain the right to speak, Smart deal with the market. Now the emerging business body, the Internet, but also for the clothing people to provide more channels to choose, clothing enterprises began to according to self-conditions, brand, product, docking suitable terminal.

Third, focus on brand development strategy. Years ago, many garment enterprises to take the market line, self-brand is not strong, which also caused its own brand no added value. But in the new market environment, to establish their own brand positioning, to establish their own brand style is the trend of the times.

Fourth, the ability to develop online sales. According to statistics, the proportion of electricity in the apparel industry has more than 40%. In 2016, online clothing retail sales accounted for 27.03% market share. So many companies have started online sales, but due to the lack of relevant technology and personnel, operating pressure. At the same time, the marketing model can not be innovative, profit is not easy.

Fifth, fight policy, fight subsidies, 100% return will exit the historical trend. Old policy so that manufacturers bear a lot of inventory risk, back to the risk, bad links cause enterprises to survive, into the edge of the collapse, disappear sooner or later.

Finally, the terminal pay system began to change. Improve the staff salaries, care for front-line staff, is already the consensus of the clothing company. Terminal assessment also occurred changes, assessment is no longer just sales, as well as VIP maintenance, discount rate, personal contribution rate and so on.

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