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High Speed Compound Yarn textile machine Inquiry

Type:Double-faced double-deck dragon
Spindle speed :3000-10000RPM(according to different yarn)
Number of spindles:420 pounds (upper);140pounds(lower);360 pounds (upper);180 pounds(lower)
Twist range:60-1000 twist per meter
Twist :Computer control filament twist is S to Z could be
        Computer control filament twist is Z to S could be
Spindles pitch:162mm
The inner diameter of steel :98mm/115mm/140mm
Forming mode:Computer control of molding
Motor power:The main motor 12.6kw,guide roller motor 2.2kw
Max roll weight:1000-1200grams(according to different yarn)
Machine size:16800*1000*1900mm
The whole machine weight:5.5tons

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