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High strength Hollow Deyd Braided Nylon Rope Inquiry

Item: High strength Hollow Deyd Braided Nylon Rope
Material:nylon ,Polypropylene ,polyester
Diameter:4mm-60mm, or more bigger
Color:White, black, blue, mixed color, tracer color
Type:3,4,6,16,24,32strand braid
Package:Hank, coil, reel, shelf, clamshell, carton box, or as needed

1. Good elasticity, nearly to wool,
2.Good heat resistance.
3.Good water imbibition.
4.Good abrasion resistance, nearly to nylon
5.Good light fastness, next to acrylon
6.Corrosion resistant,Resistance to bleach, oxidant, hydrocarbons, ketones,petroleum products and mineral acid, mildew.
Popular usage
1.Good for mooring
2.rigging and industrial plant use, bolt rope,
3.rope sling,
4.alongside towing hawser.
5. Anchor Lines
7.Mooring Lines
8.Fenders & Fender Lines


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